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What Do You Get From Half a Beef?

Purchasing a quarter, half or whole beef for your freezer can seem intimidating at first. How much do you get? What's the process? How long does it take?  We aim to try to take some of the confusion out of the process so you know exactly what you're getting. 

For the sake of this blog, we'll outline what you typically get out of a half. A half is made up of a hindquarter and front quarter of beef which each include different cuts. 

A cow is divided into multiple areas where you're favorite cuts come from:

Forequarter Cuts:
-Chuck: Roast, flat iron steak, hamburger
-Beef Rib: Ribeye steak, ribs, 
-Plate: Short Ribs, skirt steak
-Brisket: Brisket
-Shank: Beef bones, shank

Hindquarter Cuts:
-Short Loin: Strip Steak, T-bone steak, Porterhouse steak
-Sirloin: Tri-tip, sirloin steaks
-Tenderloin: Filet mignon, tenderloin, 
-Flank: Flank Steak
-Round: rump roast, top round, bottom round

When you order a quarter of beef, you can pick either the hindquarter or the forequarter. 

Below is an outline of specific cuts you can get from a half (hind and forequarter together) with a standard cutting order. Your individual cuts may vary depending on the size of your animal and your cutting and wrapping instructions:

Steaks (Our Standard: 7/8 or 1 inch thick):

  • T-Bone Steaks: 10-12 steaks
  • Rib eye: 12-16 steaks
  • Flank: 2 steaks
  • Sirloin: 6-8 steaks
  • Porterhouse: 4-5 steaks
  • Skirt: 1-2 steaks
Roast (3-4 lbs each):
  • Arm Roast: 3-4
  • Chuck Roast: 6-8
  • *Rump Roast: 1-2
  • Sirloin - tip roast: 2
  • Brisket: 1 (we typically request them to cut them in half)
  • Short Ribs: 3-4 packages (3-4 ribs in package)
  • Spare Ribs: 2 packages
  • Stew Meat: 4 lbs
  • Soup Bones: 4 packages
  • Hamburger: 70-90 lbs of hamburger (Any roast you do not want can be ground into more hamburger which would make it closer to 100 lbs or if you keep more of your roasts you'll end up closer to 70 lbs)

*You may also make cube steak from the round or have it ground into more hamburger

In total you'll receive 240-260 pounds of meat from your half of beef (this can fluctuate depending on the size of each beef). 

There are a lot of ways to customize your half with options on packaging (wrapped in paper or vacuum sealed), cutting and slicing thickness and more.

If you do decide you want to pursue a half of beef, you can place a $300 deposit here to reserve your processing space. We also take orders for quarter of beef with a deposit of $150 that you can place here.

From there, we'll reach out with details for you to contact the processor to place your cutting order. It typically takes three weeks for your meat to be ready for delivery from the date of processing. 

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