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Our Animals

Our animals are cared for on our farm in central Missouri by our family. Learning from generations passed and incorporating all that studying and research can teach us, we work to improve the land and care for our animals.

Our pigs are selected for the highest quality of pork and are never given antibiotics or synthetic growth hormones. In addition, we take pride in and work hard to formulate diets for our pigs that give them the greatest amount of nutrients and include the highest quality ingredients. The grains fed to our animals are raised on our farm or sourced locally before we grind and mix their feed. Because we control the entire process, we are confident the product you receive is consistent in its clean flavor and tenderness.

We work with a couple family-owned processors that we’ve known for many years to harvest and process our animals. Because we have a strong and established relationship with our processing facility, we are confident each animal is treated humanely and without stress.

To us, being a part of farming and agriculture means taking pride in the work we do everyday and being attentive in the care of the land and livestock entrusted to us. The work of farming is challenging, surprising, subject to the weather, exhausting, fulfilling, and never-ending. Despite all this, plants continue to grow and new life comes into the world giving us a since of wonder and accomplishment at the end of every day.