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Our Story

Our story really begins at the farm’s origins in 1881 when Elijah Robinson purchased a section of land outside Montgomery City, MO. Now in the seventh generation, our farm has grown along with our family. Over the years, we’ve found a renewed focus for taking care of the land and raising animals with diligence and responsibility.


More recently, the family farm was passed to Eddie to continue for another generation. Growing up on the family farm, he started his own herd of pigs while in high school alongside his dad and continued farming while he attended college at the University of Missouri studying Animal Science. While at Mizzou, he married Tammy who was also studying at MU as a Business-Accounting major. When they came back to the farm, they brought a renewed focus on producing the highest quality pork and beef.

To carry the farm into the next generation, they have five children, Lindsey, Will, Katelyn, Lauren and Annie. Continuing the MU tradition, the oldest, Lindsey, is a recent graduate from the college agriculture with a degree in agriculture communications. Will is also a recent graduate now working in agriculture broadcast as an anchor/reporter. Katelyn and Lauren are both current students at Mizzou majoring in animal science and mechanical engineering, respectively. The family lovingly says that Annie rounds out the crew and keeps them organized and on their toes. As a senior, she enjoys hanging out with friends and giving her siblings trouble while whipping up wonderful pastries in the kitchen. All five siblings enjoy spending time together in the barn with the animals.



Our family continues to farm for many reasons, but mainly we farm out of a desire to care for the land and the livestock who live on it and to pass on a legacy to the next generation. Being involved in agriculture, both through showing livestock and the daily tasks of farming, has let us instill values of integrity, accountability and responsibility in our children and also shown them the true value of family and given them a passion for agriculture. With both Tammy and Eddie coming from family farm backgrounds, they are focused on continuing the legacy left by their parents to keep the family farm alive for their five children. With a true heart for farming, much of their life is centered around producing, cooking, and enjoying the farm, their family and good food.