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What Do You Get from Half a Pig?

Purchasing a half or whole pig for your freezer can seem intimidating at first. How much do you get? What's the process? How long does it take?  We aim to try to take some of the confusion out of the process so you know exactly what you're getting. 

For the sake of this blog, we'll outline what you typically get out of a half. 

A pig is divided into multiple areas where you're favorite cuts come from:

-Loin: tenderloin, pork chops, baby back ribs
-Ham: cured ham, deli ham, ham steak, cutlets
-Ribs: Rolled spare ribs, country ribs
-Bacon: cured bacon, fresh side, belly
-Boston Butt: Pork steaks roast
-Picnic shoulder: picnic roast
-Trim: pork burger, sausage, brats

Below is an outline of specific cuts you get from a half with a standard cutting order:

  • Loin Cuts: 18-22 lbs total of pork chops and/or loin roast
  • Spare Ribs: 1 roll of spare ribs
  • Ham: 15-18 pounds of ham (curing will shrink this a couple pounds)
  • Bacon: 7-8 pounds
  • Shoulder/Roast: 8 pork steaks and 2 roasts
  • Burger or Sausage: 9-10 pounds 

With a half a pig, you'll receive about 65 pounds of pork (this can fluctuate depending on the size of each pig). Here's how that can break down with a standard cutting order (depending on your cutting order or the size of the pig, these totals may vary):

22 lbs Pork chops 1″ thick – total of 14-16 pork chops, 2 per package
3 lbs Spare Ribs – One roll of side ribs (approx. 3 pounds)
10 lbs Pork burger/Sausage ground meat in 1 lb packages
18 lbs Fresh Ham – can be cured or smoked (cured will lead to shrinkage)
7 lbs Bacon - can be cured or left as fresh side
10 lbs Should Cuts - 6 lbs roast, 8 pork steaks


There are a lot of ways to customize your half with options on curing, packaging, cutting and slicing thickness and flavoring.

If you do decide you want to pursue a half a pig, you can place a $100 deposit here to reserve your processing space. From there, we'll reach out with details for you to contact the processor to place your cutting order. It typically takes two weeks for your meat to be ready for delivery from the date of processing. 

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  • It was wonderful for Tammy to visit Les and me yesterday. We both have our eyes on the hocks. At one point you helped me understand the difference between Berkshire and Yorkshire pigs. But I forgot. Nonetheless, whichever variety goes into the pork steaks we get from you, they are the best. Thanks for making delicious so easy.

    Bob Scheef

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