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Pork Half

Pork Whole - Deposit

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    • Upon delivery, you will pay the remaining balance.
    • We request you write two checks, one to pay for the remaining cost of the pork, and one to pay our processor.
  • A whole is approximately 130 pounds of pork.
  • For many families, buying bulk meat makes preparing and planning family meals convenient and saves you money and time without sacrificing quality.
  • After paying the deposit we'll send you further communication to discuss:
    • The timeline to receive your order
    • How you will select your cutting order
    • Delivery options
    • Final payment
  • We estimate a price of $4.84 per pound on your total order.
    • Total cost after processing will be approx. $794
    • Because each customer creates their own cutting order, some preferences may be more expensive causing price to fluctuate. 
  • Wholes are only available for shipping under special circumstances, but we're happy to make it happen if you're interested! Please contact us for more information, tammy@robinsonfamilyfarms.com.